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A Blue Wave of Moral Restoration - The New York Times

Stop hoping that Trump’s supporters will abandon him. They may never. Each voter must be governed by his or her own conscience. If they have chosen to follow the forsaken down his path of destruction, so be it. Focus instead on increasing the awareness, passion and turnout of the honorable and the ethical, and on fighting apathy and burnout. The objective must be greater than politics. It must be about the restoration of normalcy, civility, truth, fair play and respect. It must be about the expulsion of corruption, complicity, hypocrisy, deceit and fraud.

From one of my favorite columnists. A reckoning is coming.

Annie Dunne

I just finished Annie Dunne (public library, Apple Books, Kindle, paperback), my third Sebastian Barry book. In his usual way, it’s an exquisitely told story of an Irish country spinster who wonders what life can possibly be for.

We will survive in the creak of a broken gate, the whistle of a bird, the perpetual folding and unfolding of the blossom of my crab-apple tree, a thousand little scraps of crinoline fiercely crushed and fiercely released.

That is but a sample of Sebastian Barry prose that left me weeping, the same as with the other two Barry books I’ve read, A Long Long Way and Days Without End.

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The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. —Jefferson wrote to Abigail Adams in 1787

This just about sums it up.

Trump’s power is based on performative cruelty. That is what his supporters voted for–not for any policy, and not for any other principle than to do the worst thing to people outside the fold at every opportunity. He is loathsome, but he’s also keeping his promises.

The word deplorable comes to mind.